Service Statements

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Vision: Inspire, educate, and empower our community.

Mission: We create and provide our community with enriching and innovative resources, experiences, and services.

Customer Service Statement

Carroll County Public Library strives to be an active part of our community, serving, educating, and fostering growth toward a brighter future. We are your neighbors and take pride in providing you with the best ideas, information, and resources to discover, learn, and grow.

At CCPL, we:
  • Serve everyone equally, respectfully, and with kindness and a smile
  • Inspire curiosity and enhance your lifelong educational opportunities
  • Take risks to provide you with innovative services, products, and technology
  • Embrace challenges as opportunities and take responsibility for our actions

Core Values

These core values, articulated by our staff and approved by our Board, guide CCPL’s daily work and long range planning. In addition, these values exemplify the standards to which each of us continually strives

  • We are risk-takers and leaders.
  • We meet each other with humor and kindness.
  • We treat everyone equally and with respect.
  • We embrace challenges and learn from mistakes.
  • We inspire curiosity.
  • We build community.