Policies and Guidelines

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The following list includes CCPL policies and guidelines that help us provide you with superior service and experiences.

3D Printer Acceptable Use Policy

The Library offers community access to new and emerging technologies such as 3D printers to inspire a new interest in design and help the community to bring their creations to life. This policy establishes how and under what circumstances the public may use the Library’s 3D printers.

The Library’s 3D printers are available to the public to create three-dimensional objects in plastic using a design that is uploaded from a computer file.

  1. The Library’s 3D printers may only be used for lawful purposes. The public will not be permitted to use the Library’s 3D printers to create material that is:
    1. Prohibited by local, state or federal law.
    2. Unsafe, harmful, dangerous or poses an immediate threat to the well-being of others.
    3. Obscene or otherwise inappropriate for the Library environment.
    4. In violation of another’s intellectual property rights. For example, the printers will not be used to mass reproduce material that is subject to copyright, patent or trademark protection.
  2. The Library reserves the right to refuse any 3D print request.

The procedure for printing from the Library’s 3D printers is as follows:

  1. Design creation:
    1. The 3D printer can be used with basic knowledge of Computer Aided Design (CAD). Creating a new design requires knowledge of 3D modeling software products. Video tutorials that accompany CAD programs may be of assistance.
    2. Any 3D drafting software may be used to create a design as long as the file can be saved in .stl file format.
    3. The Library has 3D design and modeling software installed on its computers that may be used to create a design.
    4. Digital designs are also available from various file-sharing databases such as Thingiverse.com.
  2. Submitting a design for printing:
    1. Persons wanting to use the 3D printer shall provide a .stl formatted file. File size should not exceed 250MB.
    2. Staff will add the model to the printing queue. If there is high demand, the Library will schedule only one print per day per person or entity.
    3. The files will be readied for printing in the printer’s software or other authorized software. The Library will review all files with the customer prior to printing.
    4. Items may be picked up at the Library during regular hours. It is sometimes difficult to estimate exact print times. Library staff will make an educated guess about the length of a job upon request.
  1. Pricing – Printed items are priced based upon finished weight. The current price is $0.25/gram.
  1. Please note that procedures governing the use of the Library’s 3D printers are subject to change.

Approved 6/24/2015

Accessibility Statement

The Library is committed to making services available to everyone. Persons requiring assistance at any of our events are encouraged to discuss needs with the librarian. All events at CCPL branch locations are handicapped accessible.

We have also made every effort to make this web site accessible to everyone. If we have missed anything, please notify us immediately.

Approved Budget

Our budget is approved annually by the CCPL Board of Trustees You may view our budget for the current fiscal year (July - June).

Behavior Guidelines

We have behavior guidelines in place to help provide a positive experience for everyone who visits our locations.

Borrowing Materials

Carroll County Public Library offers a wide variety of materials for checkout, including books, magazines, CDs, feature and instructional DVDs, large type books, video games, ebooks and digital audiobooks.

  • Most CCPL material circulates for 21 days.
  • There are several ways to determine when materials are due.
    • Your checkout receipt - The receipt you get at checkout has the date that each item is due.
    • The CCPL Telephone line - By calling (410.386.4456 and in Mt Airy 301.829.5290) and following the prompts, you can hear a list of the items you have on loan and their due dates. Please note that this service will be discontinued December 31, 2018.
    • The library catalog - Use the library catalog, either in the branch or from home. Select My Account and follow the steps.
  • When using the library catalog, please have your library card and password available. If you don't have a password, ask at any library desk.
  • Movies are free and can be borrowed for 7 days. After a movie has been in collection for 2 months, you will be able to renew it online.
  • Video games circulate for 7 days
  • CCPL material may be returned to any CCPL branch. We provide 24/7 return boxes for your convenience.
  • Material borrowed on Interlibrary Loan must be returned to a branch of the Carroll County Public Library.
  • Generally, most material checked out from a Maryland public library may be returned to any public library in the state.

CCPL takes its responsibilities very seriously, and we expect our borrowers to do so as well.

  • You have the option to receive your checkout receipt by email instead of being printed.
  • Our email and text messaging service will notify you regarding overdue material.
  • Library accounts that remain unresolved for a period of 30 days, after a final billing notice has been sent will be referred to our collection agency.
  • We can send email and text messages with notification of holds and one-day-in-advance date due notices to your cell phone.

Collection Development Policy

Our collection development policy guides us is in choosing the items that we add to our collections.

Copyright Policy

We have adopted a copyright policy to protect copyright holders. The following documents have been approved by the Library's Board and designated the following staff member to receive any copyright infringement communications.

CCPL Copyright Documents

CCPL Policy Regarding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Its Provision for Limitation of Liability for Online Service Providers

Digital Millennium Copyright Act - 28 October 1998

Agent Designated to Receive Notification of Claimed Copyright Infringement

Robert A. Kuntz, IT Manager
Carroll County Public Library
1100 Green Valley Road
New Windsor, MD 21776
Contact via Email

Fines and Fees

Daily Fine for Overdue Material

$0.25 per day for all CCPL items

Maximum Fine for Overdue Material

$5.00 for all CCPL items, not to exceed the cost of the item.

Collection Agency

Accounts with a balance of $50.00 or more for a period of 30 days, will be sent to our collection agency.

When an account is sent to our collection agency, a $10.00 collections fee will be added to the patron account.

Replacement Cost for Lost Material

The purchase price will vary according to the material. As a courtesy CCPL will apply a 20% discount to the price listed in our catalog. In addition a $5.00 processing fee will be charged for each lost item. If an item is paid for and then returned within 90 days, the replacement cost will be refunded, not the processing fee. The replacement cost of material borrowed from McDaniel College or Carroll Community College will include processing fees charged by the owning library.

Annual Borrower's Card for Out-of-State Residents

There is an annual charge of $25.00 for an out-of-state borrowing card. Exception is made for out-of-state employees of Carroll County Government, Carroll County Public Schools, Carroll Community College, and McDaniel College. Proper identification is required.

Printing and Copying Fees

$.20 per side for Photocopies

$.20 per page printed from public access computers

$.20 per page faxed from other agencies

Public Fax

$1.00 Per page outgoing

$.20 Per page incoming

Partial Payments

If the total amount due is less than $10.00, the full amount must be paid at one time to continue the use of a library card. If charges total $10.00 or more, 20 percent of the original balance must be paid each time the card is used. All charges should be paid within six months. For an explanation of any information above, please ask at the Circulation Desk in any branch library.

Returned check Fee


Fundraising, Gift and Donation Policy

The Board of Trustees of the Carroll County Public Library recognizes that the library engages in fundraising and solicitation activity. In order to comply with federal, state and local laws, as well as applicable ethical norms, the Board has endorsed the following guidelines for the cultivation and acceptance of gifts that support the mission of Carroll County Public Library (Library).

Fundraising, Gift and Donation Policy (pdf)

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

The Carroll County Public Library is committed to serving the information, recreation, and lifelong learning needs of all of its citizens. Providing access to the Internet enables the Library to greatly expand its information services. In addition, the library organizes, catalogs and indexes a variety of information that it provides through connections to the Internet, web sites and commercial databases. Not all sources on the Internet provide information that is accurate, complete, current, legal or philosophically acceptable to all people.

The unauthorized or illegal use of the Carroll County Public Library’s computing systems and facilities may result in revocation of Internet use privileges, general library privileges and/or constitute grounds for civil or criminal prosecution.

The library is required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the Education Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, § 23-506.1, to prohibit Internet access for children age 16 and younger to obscenity, child pornography, and materials that are harmful to minors. In order to implement the law, the library uses a Web Content Filter on all public access computers.

The Web Content Filter disables access to certain web sites. Upon request by a library customer age 17 and older, library staff may unblock a site. Library staff may request proof of age. The library reserves the right to enforce the Acceptable Use Statement if the requested material appears to violate the law. Web Content Filters are not 100% accurate and may allow access to inappropriate sites. Parents and guardians of children under the age of 18 are responsible for their children's use of the Internet. The library assumes no liability in the event the filter is not 100% effective. The library provides access to the Internet and to Microsoft Office and digital imaging software.

The Carroll County Public Library prohibits the following:

  • Accessing any programs or files outside of the installed Internet browsers and Microsoft Office and digital imaging software;
  • Sending, receiving or displaying obscene or pornographic text or graphics;
  • Engaging in any activity that facilitates sending, receiving or displaying inappropriate materials to a minor;
  • Activities that disrupt the library or its network, including but not limited to: attempting to access, modify or delete files, passwords or data belonging to others, seeking unauthorized access to the library’s or any other computer system, port scanning, running a denial of service attack, downloading or installing software harmful to the library’s computers, or damaging or modifying library equipment or software.

The transfer of financial and other personal data is at your own risk. For your own protection, verify that you are submitting personal information through an encrypted (https://) connection. The library is not responsible for the misuse of personal information entered on websites.

Privacy Statement - The Carroll County Public Library is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers. Information, documents or programs accessed during your use of our equipment and/or Internet Service is confidential and will not be released without a court order. However, the Library may confirm to law enforcement your use of our computers and the times your use took place.


Legal Documents Cited

CIPA (Children's Information Protection Act
Education Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, § 23-506.1

Approved February 23, 2005
Revised January 27, 2010
Revised May 27, 2015

Policy for Community Postings, Display Cases, and Artwork Exhibit Space

CCPL provides both physical and virtual spaces for the sharing of community information. Our priorities and requirements are listed in our Policy.

Security Camera Policy

The Carroll County Public Library enriches our community by providing unlimited opportunities for information, education, inspiration and imagination. To complete this mission, the Library must offer a welcoming, open atmosphere and provide a quiet, comfortable and safe environment where people can use library facilities and collections for intended purposes to the maximum extent possible.

Security cameras are used where needed to provide peace of mind to library users and staff by discouraging violations of the Library’s Behavior Policy, to assist library staff in preventing the occurrence of any violations, and when necessary, to provide law enforcement assistance in prosecuting criminal activity. The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the placement and use of security cameras, as well as the access and retrieval of recorded images.


  • Cameras are installed at library locations on an as needed basis.
  • Signs will be posted at Library entrances informing the public that security cameras are in use.
  • Security cameras may be placed in both indoor and outdoor areas where security staff and designated Library staff can randomly monitor activity.
  • Access to archived footage in pursuit of documented incidents of criminal activity or violation of the Library’s Behavior Policy is restricted to designated staff:  Branch Managers, Librarians-in-Charge (LIC), Security Staff, Library Administration, and Information Technology Staff.
  • Access to archived footage may be granted to law enforcement officials to assist with an active investigation. A CCPL staff person will be present at all times.
  • Designated staff as described above may have access to real-time monitors. Images will be viewed on desktop monitors placed in secure areas to ensure private access.
  • Access to live feeds may be provided to law enforcement officials during an emergency situation within the library or in the library’s service area.
  • Security camera images will automatically record over themselves on an ongoing basis. Image records will not be maintained, provided no criminal activity or policy violation has occurred.
  • In situations involving evicted patrons, stored still images may be shared with staff at all locations.  Shared images may remain posted in restricted staff areas for the duration of the eviction period. After the eviction period ends, these images are archived with the eviction notice at Library Headquarters.
  • Recordings may be subject to disclosure under the Maryland PIA.
  • Policy questions will be directed to the Executive Director, Director of Operations, or Director of Information Technology and Innovation.


  • Because security cameras are not constantly monitored, staff and public should take appropriate precautions for their safety and for the security of personal property. Carroll County Public Library is not responsible for loss of property or personal injury.
  • Cameras will be installed in public spaces where individuals do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Examples include common areas of the library such as entrances, book stacks, public seating areas, hallways, book drop areas, delivery areas and parking lots.
  • Cameras will not be installed in areas of the Library where individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as in restrooms.
  • Images will typically be stored for an average period of 45 days.
  • Cameras may be installed in areas that could assist law enforcement officials in documenting traffic accidents or other incidents unrelated to the Library that take place on the public streets and surrounding properties within camera view. Examples include cameras on the exterior of a library building that not only document activity on Library property but also the sidewalk, public streets, and surrounding properties.
  • The primary purpose of the installation of security cameras is to protect our patrons and property. However, staff should have no expectation of privacy regarding security camera footage and footage may be viewed anytime there is a suspicion or report of illegal or inappropriate behavior on the part of the staff member.
  • Staff and patron safety is the first priority in any threatening situation. The protection of library property is of secondary importance.

Approved June 25, 2014
Revised: December 17, 2014
Revised: February 25, 2015

Meeting Room Policy and Procedures

Public Use of Meeting Rooms


The library welcomes the use of its meeting rooms by community groups in Carroll County for civic, educational, and cultural activities and discussion of current events. The rooms are not available for purposes where, in the judgment of the library director, disorder and substantial disruption of the functioning of the library are likely to occur. The rooms may not be used for private birthday parties, baby showers, weddings or personal social events. Library programs, including programs through partnerships such as the Learning Advantage Partnership, will have first priority for use of the rooms.

The Library, its Board of Trustees and staff do not endorse the actions, opinions, or expressed points of view of the organizations that sponsor or host meetings or the individuals who attend meetings and events on library premises. All meeting room activity is subject to behavior policy guidelines https://library.carr.org/about/docs/behavior.pdf


The application for use of a meeting room is available on the library's website, library.carr.org, or by calling or visiting one of our branches and asking a librarian for assistance. Reservations will not be accepted for dates more than three months in advance. Reserving a library meeting room constitutes acceptance of the library's meeting room regulations, which are posted on the website and must be acknowledged before a reservation can be finalized. Requestors can download the regulations for future reference, or library staff may assist them in obtaining copies.

Cancellations can be made via the link in your confirmation email or by calling your local branch. Cancellations should be made as early as possible and at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellations prevent the use of a meeting room by other groups; therefore the library reserves the right to charge a $10 fee for cancellations within five days of the event. Failure to notify the library of a cancellation may jeopardize future bookings. Reservations are forfeited if a requestor does not arrive within 30 minutes after the start of the reserved time. Also, a $10 fee will be charged. Repeated failure to comply will result in loss of privileges.

Hours of Service and Fees

Meeting rooms are available for use during library hours. All meeting must begin at least 30 minutes before the library closes. Meetings in the large meeting room that extend past the branch closing time must be completed and the building cleared by 11pm.

The library reserves the right to make fee determinations. No meeting room fee will be charged for the use of the meeting rooms by the following groups: 1) library-sponsored and co-sponsored programs; 2) government-related meetings, including Carroll County Government, Carroll County municipalities, the State of Maryland, and the federal government, as well as elected officials at any of these levels of government; 4) nonprofit groups; (5) tutors offering one-on-one or family sessions.

For-profit groups will be charged as follows:

Large meeting room - $50 per 2-hour block, not to exceed $150 for each use

Small meeting room - $25 per 2-hour block, not to exceed $75 for each use.

Fees are due the day of the reservation. Payment may be made by cash, credit card, or check made payable to Carroll County Public Library.

Adopted 6/24/80
Revised 4/25/84
Revised 10/25/89
Revised 4/22/98
Revised 4/26/06
Revised 9/22/10
Revised 2/16/11
Revised 3/23/11
Reservation & Payment procedures revised by staff June 2014
Revised 11/18/2015
Revised 5/24/2017

Meeting Room Regulations

  1. It is understood that the public will be welcome to meetings for which no meeting room fee is charged, with the following general exceptions (mediation sessions, private tutoring). If a meeting room fee has been paid, the group reserving the meeting room determines whether the gathering will be open to the public.
  2. Meeting attendance may not exceed the posted room capacity (listed on the library's website) determined by building and fire regulations.
  3. Children's and youth groups may use the facility, provided that they are adequately supervised by adult sponsors (no less than 1:20 ratio).
  4. No exhibits, maps, charts, posters, etc. may be hung on the walls without advance permission. Check with the specific branch regarding the availability of display space.
  5. If a meeting room fee has been paid, the group reserving the meeting room may charge an admission fee and sell products or services within the confines of the meeting room only. No signs may be posted or brochures distributed elsewhere on library property.
  6. Light refreshments may be served if requested in the application and if the kitchenette (where available) is left in an orderly condition. No alcoholic beverages may be served.
  7. Tobacco use, including e-cigarettes, is not permitted in any area of the library or on library property.
  8. No group or organization shall use the library as a mailing address.
  9. Any publicity, including brochures, flyers, radio and TV announcements, newspaper ads, etc., must carry the name and phone number of the individual or organization sponsoring the meeting. The library logo, website and phone number may not appear on the publicity. The library may not be identified or implied as a sponsor. All publicity material must include the following disclaimer: "Use of library meeting space does not constitute endorsement of this organization, this program or its content by the Carroll County Public Library."
  10. The library reserves the right to share the contact information of any individual/organization that books a meeting room, if requested by a member of the public.
  11. The library will not provide staff to assist with the loading or unloading of materials and supplies brought by groups using a meeting room.
  12. When making a booking, please include time for setup and return of the room to its standard arrangement. Any rearrangement of furniture and other equipment must be handled by the users and then replaced to a standard arrangement when finished. Lights in the meeting room and restrooms (for after hour programs) must be turned off at the end of the meeting.
  13. The library is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  14. The library is not responsible for any injury to persons or damage to personal property resulting from the use of library facilities.
  15. The person booking the room on behalf of the group is responsible for damage to library property.
  16. In the event of an emergency, the library director reserves the right to cancel meeting room reservations. In the event of severe weather conditions, emergency closing information is available on the library’s website.
  17. No personal equipment or other items belonging to a group may be left in the library between meetings.
  18. The library phone may not be used for personal business.
  19. Members of groups using a meeting room during library hours must not disturb library customers. Children associated with groups using a meeting room should be supervised while in the library. https://library.carr.org/about/docs/behavior.pdf
  20. Failure to adhere to meeting room policies or regulations may result in revocation of meeting room privileges.

Adopted 6/24/80
Revised 4/25/84
Revised 10/25/89
Revised 4/22/98
Revised 4/26/06
Revised 3/23/11
Reservation & Payment procedures revised by staff June 2014
Revised 5/24/2017

Privacy Policy

Carroll County Public Library is committed to protecting the privacy of our users. We sometimes collect personal information from our users. This policy explains what information we collect, why we collect it, what we do with it and what you can do about it.

Collection of Personal Information

Carroll County Public Library maintains the confidentiality, security and integrity of personal information that we obtain from our users. We do not disclose personal information to any party.

Our site uses order forms and registration forms for users to request information, products, and services. We collect contact information (like users' email addresses, names, telephone numbers and mailing addresses) and financial information (like account or credit card numbers) through these forms. Contact information from the forms is used to send orders to our customers, to send information about our products and services and for the purposes of record keeping.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are pieces of information that a web site transfers to an individual's hard drive for record-keeping purposes. The use of cookies is an industry standard; you will find them at most major web sites. Carroll County Public Library sometimes uses cookies to store certain information for our customers' convenience and to anticipate their future needs. The following is an example of a cookie we currently use: For our external databases, we may employ the use of a cookie to store your library barcode on your computer so you only need to input your barcode once to enter any of our databases, instead of having to enter your barcode for each database.

Links to Other Sites

You should be aware that when you are on Carroll County Public Library's site you could be directed to other sites that are beyond our control. There are links to other sites from our site that take you outside our service. These other sites may send their own cookies to users, or otherwise collect data or solicit personal information. Always be aware of where you end up on the web.


The importance of security for all personally identifiable information associated with our users is of utmost concern to us. We exercise great care in providing secure transmission of our users' financial information from their computers to our servers, utilizing encryption software. Only those employees who need access to our users' information in order to do their jobs are allowed access. Any employee who violates our privacy and/or security policies is subject to disciplinary action, including possible termination and civil and/or criminal prosecution.

Correct or Update Information

If you would like to correct or update information that you have previously provided, you may contact us by sending an email or, calling us at 410.386.4500, or by letter to the following postal address: Carroll County Public Library, 1100 Green Valley Road, New Windsor, MD 21776.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions our privacy policy, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this web site, you may contact:

Web Customer Service
Carroll County Public Library
1100 Green Valley Rd.
New Windsor, MD 21776
Contact via email

Approved 05/30/2001 by the Carroll County Public Library Board of Trustees

Programming at Carroll County Public Library

Our programming policy supports the Carroll County Public Library (CCPL) mission to inspire, educate, and empower our community by offering opportunities for exploration, lifelong education, community engagement, and access to technology. Programming is an integral component of library service.

Public Information Requests