Library Services

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3D Printing

3D printing is the process of creating a physical object from a digital model. It is also known as additive manufacturing because the physical model is built one layer at a time from the bottom up. 3D printing provides an opportunity for everyone to take an idea from their imagination, design it, and create a physical model. CCPL is actively building a community environment that nurtures creativity while stimulating and supporting learning and innovation. Please visit our 3D Printing Service page for more information.

ADA Compliant Workstations

The Eldersburg and Mount Airy branches now have workstations that provide assistive technology to citizens of Maryland protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These workstations have electric height-adjustable tables with computers, 27 inch monitors, special keyboards, JAWS screen reader software, MAGic screen enlarging software, and an Optelec CCTV that has Optical Character Reading (OCR) capabilities that will read aloud any print text. Please visit the customer service desk to sign up to use one of these workstations.

County Property Tax and Utility Bill Payment

All six CCPL branches accept payment of County Property Tax and Utility bills by Cash, Check or Money Order. Please visit the customer service desk to make a payment or for more information.


All six CCPL branches provide access to a fax machine for sending and receiving faxes. Please visit the customer service desk for either of these services.

Public Fax Fees

$1.00 Per page outgoing

$.20 Per page incoming

Flash Drives

You may purchase 4GB flash drives at all six CCPL branches for the low cost of $4.00 plus tax.

Makerspace with access to the latest technologies

Exploration Point! is a makerspace and digital media lab which offers everyone from preschoolers to adults the opportunity to engage with technology and bring their ideas to life. Explore hands-on experiences in the areas of 3D design and printing, digital media creation, robotics, game development, and programming in a self-guided learning environment. What will you create? Please visit our Exploration Point! page for more information.

Meeting Rooms

All six CCPL branches have meeting rooms available for public use during normal business hours. Meetings can be conducted Monday through Saturday at all locations, Sundays year-round at the Eldersburg and Westminster branch, and Sundays during October - April at our other locations.

Please visit our Meeting Room page page for more information and to place a meeting room reservation request.

Passport Services

The Eldersburg Branch and North Carroll Branch are accepting passport applications on behalf of the U.S. Department of State to better serve our customers and to respond to the needs within our communities. Please visit our Passport Services page for more information.

Printing and Copying

All six CCPL branches provide access to computers with the full Office Suite of programs with attached color printers, and photocopiers that also allow you to scan and send a document to your email address or save to a flash drive.

Printing and Copying Fees

$.20 per page printed from public access computers (Black and White and Color)

$.20 per side for Photocopies (Black and White and Color)

Scanning a document to email or a flash drive is free

Test Proctoring

As of June 1, 2017, Carroll County Public Library no longer offers test proctoring services. We recommend that you contact these institutions in Carroll County and the surrounding region. Each meets the standards of the National College Testing Association.

Please make sure to contact the institution in advance to verify location, hours, fees, conditions, and requirements.

Vending Machines

All six CCPL branches provide access to snacks and drinks via vending machines. Enjoy your purchases throughout the branch, but we do ask that you not consume these purchases at our public computers.


All six CCPL branches provide free Wi-Fi services throughout the buildings and also cover some areas of our parking lots. Feel free to bring your tablet, laptop or phone and connect.