Test Proctoring Request

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Testing Location *

The Test Taker will:

  • Be responsible for completing their institution's proctoring agreement, obtaining necessary signatures, and arranging for the exam to be delivered to the library.
  • Provide notice to library staff at least two weeks in advance of scheduled exam date.
  • Contact library staff to verify exam has been received prior to exam date.
  • Allow sufficient time for exam to be returned to the institution (e.g., 7-10 days for normal U.S. mail delivery). The Test Taker is also responsible for providing mailing supplies if not included in the institution's exam packet.
  • Be responsible for all exam fees, including but not limited to, postage for mailing the completed exam.
  • Arrive on time for the exam. Test Takers who fail to show, or who show up late, may be refused future proctoring requests.
  • Come prepared with the necessary, or required, supplies and photo identification to take the examination.

The Library will:

  • Provide proctoring service during regularly scheduled library hours.
  • Provide a location for test taking.
  • Receive examinations via U.S. mail or email.
  • Hold exams for 60 days or the exam's stated deadline. The exam will be destroyed or returned to institution if the Test Taker does not complete the exam within this time frame.
  • Make every effort to enforce the rules set forth by each institution involving test aids. This could include, but is not be limited to, the prohibition of calculators, cell phones, lap tops, and other aids during the exam.
  • Enforce any time limits that are placed on the exam.
  • Send the completed examination back to the institution via regular U.S. mail, email, or complete the online proctoring via instructions from the institution. If the Test Taker wishes to expedite shipping by using FedEx or UPS, pre-paid envelopes must be provided on scheduled exam date.

The Library CANNOT:

  • Guarantee that the individual proctor who signed the original agreement will be present during the time of the exam.
  • Proctor an exam that requires continuous monitoring by a library staff member.
  • Install software on its computers to accommodate test programs.
  • Be responsible for any delayed tests, nor for any completed tests once they leave the library's possession and have been mailed or emailed back to the institution.
  • Be responsible if, while taking an online exam, public internet access is disrupted or there is a power outage. As soon as possible after such an occurrence, the proctor will inform the institution of the problem.

The Carroll County Public Library will strive to accommodate test proctoring needs. However, the library reserves the right to limit or deny this service if the proctoring request does not meet with library guidelines.