Sacred Journeys with Emmy Award-Winning Filmmaker Leo Eaton

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McDaniel College, Lewis Hall of Science, Decker Auditorium
Leo Eaton, Series Director, will talk about his experience and share previews of Sacred Journeys, 6 one-hour programs hosted by bestselling author Bruce Feiler that will take viewers on some of the most celebrated, challenging and spectacular religious pilgrimages in the world. Each hour will follow modern pilgrims on their Journeys of Faith – on the Hajj to Mecca, in the footsteps of Jesus in the Holy Land, to the Kumbh Mela in India, Lourdes in France, Shikoku in Japan, and the Osun Osogbo Festival in Nigeria. They are taking part in the same profound and moving sacred journeys that people have taken for hundreds, often thousands of years. Each is a compelling journey that reveals powerful emotional stories, ancient religious traditions, and breathtaking locations across four continents.  Come enjoy a sneak preview of Sacred Journeys, which premieres on PBS in April 2014.