We are now open for limited walk-in services! Visit our Reopening page for more information.

Construction of Exploration Commons at 50 East has begun at the Westminster Branch. Visit our Exploration Commons update page for information regarding the project and how to access the Westminster Branch. Beginning Monday, October 12, there will be no on-site parking. During this time, you may park in the Diffendal public parking lot behind the branch for free and access the library through the front entrance.

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Carroll County Public Library
Infinite Possibilities

Service statements

Mission and Core Purpose

We connect our community with welcoming spaces, innovative resources and services, and educational experiences for lifetime enrichment.

Core Values

These core values, articulated by our staff and approved by our Board, guide CCPL's daily work and long range planning. In addition, these values exemplify the standards to which each of us continually strives:

  • We treat everyone equally and with respect
  • We meet each other with humor and kindness
  • We build community
  • We are risk-takers and leaders
  • We inspire curiosity
  • We embrace challenges and learn from mistakes
CCPL Service Statement

We use our Core Values to guide us in all areas of the work we perform. We have developed a Customer Service Statement to communicate how these values translate into service our customers can expect during every visit to the library and in each interaction with our staff.

Customer Service Statement

At Carroll County Public Library, this is our commitment to you: We strive to be a vital community partner, to be a good neighbor, and to provide you with the best ideas, information, and resources. Together we can discover, learn, and grow.


Our community is inspired, engaged, and empowered.