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The library will be closed for the Memorial Day Holiday on Sunday, May 26 and Monday, May 27. We will reopen for regular hours on Tuesday, May 28.

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These Fiscal Year 2018 statistics provide a snapshot of the services that CCPL provides. If you need more information beyond what is provided here, please feel free to contact us.

Branches: 6

Registered Borrowers: 95,667

Total Visitors: 970,625

Total Circulation: 3,614,568

Circulation per Capita: 21.56 estimated

Total Information Transactions: 162,923

County Population: 162,923

Total Collection: 738,777

Books: 365,985

Audio: 44,926

DVD: 55,316

Outreach: 22,343

Other Non-Print: 8,717

Magazines: 12,002

Digital: 229,488

Collection Turnover: 4.89

Databases: 29

Number of Programs: 6,230

Program Attendance: 181,631

Attendance per Program: 29.15

Public Computers (general computers, game computers, catalogs): 112

Computer Sessions: 165,435

Average Session (minutes): 44 minutes

Public Wi-Fi sessions: 95,854

Average WiFi session (minutes): 112

Meeting Room Bookings: 3,069

County Bills Paid: 3,231

Student Service Hours: 6,256