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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place a hold request for an item?

You can request an item through the library's online catalog using your library account information. Exceptions include new DVDs and 7-day Read-It-Now books.

Once you have found the item you are interested in through CCPL's online catalog, click on the Place Request button on the right of the item. You will be asked to enter your barcode or username and password. Next, you can select the branch where you would like to pick up the request from the drop down menu. Select your branch and click on Submit Request.

You can also request items by calling your library branch.

Is there a way to suspend my request?

To suspend and reactivate requests, first place your requests, then within your library account:

  1. Click on the My Account tab and select Requests
  2. All your requests will show
  3. Find the items you want to suspend the request for and select the checkbox to the left of the item
  4. Click the Suspend/Reactivate Selected button at the bottom of the screen
  5. It will prompt you to enter a date for it to automatically activate

Please note you can reactivate before that date that you set at this time.
To activate an inactive request follow the steps above and enter today's date to reactivate the request.

Can I get a list of the items I've checked out before?

For your privacy, CCPL does not retain a list of the items that you have checked out before without your consent. We offer an opt-in service that will maintain a permanent reading list. Please note, only items that you check out after opting-in to this service will be saved to your list.

If you want to activate your permanent reading list, you can do so through your online library account or at any library branch. To opt-in through your online account, first log in to your library account. Under the My Account tab, select My Record, click on Contact Information and Preferences and under Preferences check the box next to Maintain Permanent Reading List. Click Submit Change Request at the bottom of the screen.

How long can I keep library materials?

Most materials are due 21 days after checking them out. The following exceptions are due 7 days after they are checked-out: 7-day Read-It-Now books, feature DVDs, video games, Playaway Views and LaunchPads.

I'm not finished with my library item. Can I renew it?

Most items owned by CCPL can be renewed up to 5 times as long as they have not been requested by another customer. Exceptions include new DVDs, 7-day Read-It-Now books, special collection materials, and items borrowed outside of Carroll County Public Library system. Items that are owned by Carroll Community College may be renewed one time, and McDaniel College's Hoover library items may be renewed twice. Items that are renewable as described above will automatically renew prior to the due date for another loan period. You will receive a notification of items that are and are not automatically renewed one day prior to the due date via email.

You may renew items:

  • At the Circulation Desk of any library branch
  • Online (Password needed) through your library account. Login by entering your library card barcode or username and password and choose My Account, Items Out, check the boxes to the left of the items you wish to renew and click Renew Selected Items at the bottom of the list or Renew All Items to try to renew all the items.
  • Customers can call any branch to speak directly with staff to renew items. Please have your library card number available.

Can I return items to any library branch location? Do I have to return books to the branch where I checked them out?

CCPL material may be returned to any Carroll County library branch. We provide twenty-four hour return boxes for your convenience.

I returned an item, but it is still showing checked out to me. Can you check the shelf for an item that I returned?

You may contact the library branch where the item was returned by phone or email. Staff will check the shelves to try to locate the item.

Can I return a book to your library that was checked out from Carroll Community College or McDaniel College's Hoover Library?

You may return items owned by Carroll Community College or McDaniel College's Hoover Library to any of the Carroll County Public Library branches.

Can I return items to another library system within Maryland?

Most material checked out from a Maryland public library may be returned to any public library in the state. Items returned to another library system will not be checked in off your card until the items are delivered to CCPL. Marina items checked out at a CCPL branch must be returned to a CCPL branch.

What is the fine for materials returned late?

CCPL is a fine free library as of September 1, 2020. Customers remain responsible for returning borrowed materials. If materials are not returned within 35 days of the due date, the materials will be considered lost. Customers will be charged for the replacement cost and processing fee for any materials that are not returned. Customers who owe $25 or more will be unable to use their accounts. If materials are returned within 90 days the replacement cost will be removed. Accounts with a balance of $50.00 or more for a period of 30 days will be sent to our collection agency and a $10.00 collections fee will be added to the customer account.

I've lost the item I borrowed. What happens now?

Contact your local CCPL branch as soon as you discover you've lost a library item. Staff members will help you make arrangements for payment of the lost item.

How can I pay my account balances, including charges for lost or damaged materials and collection fees??

Account balances may be paid at the circulation desk of any of our library branches, online or by phone.

To pay account balances online through your library account, login with your library card barcode or username and password, and choose My Account, and then Fines and Fees. Next, choose Pay Fines Now.

I can't find an item within the Carroll County Public Library catalog. Can you find it somewhere else?

You can search Marina, Maryland’s statewide borrowing service, to request an item not available within Carroll County Public Libraries.

Marina is a free, statewide method of requesting materials from other libraries in Maryland. Customers with a Maryland Public Library borrower's card can request materials not owned by their local public library system from another Maryland Public Library System using this service.

You may request an Interlibrary Loan when an item is not available within Carroll County Public Libraries or within Marina, Maryland's statewide borrowing service.

We can search nationwide to try to locate the title. You may email an ILL request to our information staff or make the request in person at your local library. Please include your name, contact information, library card number, and branch pick-up location with your request.  Occasionally, libraries charge a fee for interlibrary loan requests. Please let us know at the time of request if you are willing to pay a fee for the item, and if so, the maximum fee you are willing to pay for the item.

Can I recommend a title or DVD for the library to purchase?

You may suggest a title for purchase by filling out the Customer Purchase Request Form. Many of our new purchases are recommended by our customers. If you would like to request a title or subject to be purchased, fill in the information and click on the Submit Completed Form button. We will review your request and notify you of our decision as soon as possible. 

Does the library loan eBooks? How do I borrow one?

Yes, eBooks and digital audiobooks are available from the library through Maryland's Digital eLibrary Consortium and hoopla. Learn more at our getting started with CCPL's digital collections page.

How do I return an eBook early?

Maryland's Digital eLibrary Consortium includes instructions for returning an eBook early as well as other general help articles.

Does the library offer digital magazines?

Yes, RBdigital Magazines and Maryland's Digital eLibrary Consortium provides access to digital editions of magazines, delivering the exact same material you get in print‚ plus exclusive features like video, audio and live links, on your mobile device, tablet and computer.

How can I search library databases?

You may search library databases by selecting the Online Research link on the library web page. You will have to enter your library account information to search select databases.