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If we do not own a specific item, search Marina - Maryland's free statewide borrowing service. Materials obtained via Marina may take a week or two to arrive. Materials are processed and sent to your requested branch destination to be placed on hold and picked up.

How to use Marina

Before placing a Marina request

  • Check our catalog first. Titles owned by Carroll County Public Library may not be requested through Marina.
  • Only items that are currently checked in are eligible to be requested.
  • Reference materials and magazines may not be requested. Please check our premium databases for magazine and journal articles.
  • Marina items may be renewed two times.

How to place a Marina request

  1. Log in to Marina by entering your Carroll County Public Library card number in its entirety without spaces
  2. Click the 'Login' button
  3. Enter search terms in the search field and press Enter
  4. Scroll down the search results to find the item you are interested in requesting
  5. Click on a title to find out more information and availability of the item
  6. If the item is requestable, select a pickup location from the dropdown menu
  7. Click 'Request'

Reviewing your Marina requests:

Select 'My Account' from the profile menu in the upper right.

Status Information:

  • Submitted  -  Your request has been received but no action has been taken.
  • In Process  -  The owning library is processing your request.
  • Shipped  -  The item has been sent by the owning library.
  • On Loan  -  The item has been received in our ILL Department and is on its way to the customer or is checked out.
  • Complete  -  The item has been returned to the loaning library.
  • Unfilled  -  The item is unavailable through Marina.
  • Cancelled  -  The request has been cancelled.

Marina requests will not appear in your CCPL account requests list until the item has been received at CCPL. Check your Marina account or ask your local branch to determine the status of your request.

Interlibrary Loan - Nationwide borrowing

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If you are unable to find materials via Marina, a request can be made to other public and academic libraries across the United States. Interlibrary Loan materials may take longer to arrive depending on availability and delivery methods.Materials that can be requested include books, article scans/copies, DVDs, audiobooks, and other types of resources; however, many institutions do not lend new materials. Some libraries charge a fee for Interlibrary Loan materials and you will be contacted prior to ordering for approval of any applicable fees. Fees are payable at the time of pick up. Please consult with a librarian at your local branch or email us to place an Interlibrary Loan request.