The Westminster Branch is currently closed for construction. This temporary closure is anticipated to last eight weeks and is required to ensure the safety of customers and staff. Please check back for updates.

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Members of the Friends of Carroll County Public Library support the library in its mission to deliver lifelong learning for all ages through advocating for public funding for libraries, promoting awareness of public library services and needs, and by enhancing library program resources in partnership with staff and trustees. Find out more and join the Friends.

General Donations

Through the generosity of private support, Carroll County Public Library is able to enhance our services, such as our collection of materials which guide learning and inspire curiosity and our incredible educational activities that support literacy and provide enriching experiences for all ages.

The library welcomes financial gifts, in-kind support, and material gifts. If you need more information about gifts to the library, please email us or call 410-386-4500. If you would like to donate books, music, or movies to the library, please call your local branch to ensure donations are currently being accepted.

Yes! I want to support Carroll County Public Library through a monetary one-time or recurring donation today.

Exploration Commons

CCPL's latest initiative, Exploration Commons at 50 East will deliver technology to learners and entrepreneurs of all expertise levels. It will also deliver a culinary literacy and learning center, where accomplished and budding chefs will teach, learn, and experiment with new cuisine, tools and ideas. The space will also include comfortable, technology-equipped meeting rooms designed with the utmost flexibility for workshops, meetings, online conferencing and cultural programs.

For more information and to make a donation visit our Exploration Commons site today.


The purpose of the Friends of the Mary Lou Dewey Sculpture Park is to assist in the purchase and placement of new sculptures for the park. In addition, funds also assist in the maintenance, beautification, and activities of the Mary Lou Dewey Sculpture Park. Find out more about the park and how to donate.

Mary Lou Dewey Sculpture Park

Thank you to all of our Mary Lou Dewey Sculpture Park Donors

We would like to thank the Carroll County Commissioners and the Maryland State Library Capital Grants program for funding the renovation of the Westminster Branch and the park in front of the library, the City of Westminster for reconstructing the crosswalk leading to the park, and the Carroll County Bureau of Facilities and the Detention Center for support during the branch renovation.

We are also grateful to the following individuals whose generous donations are allowing us to purchase sculpture for the park, making it a distinctive destination for our residents.

Other significant contributors to the sculpture project include Bart Walter, Cheryl Wheeler, the Carroll County Arts Council, Lehigh Cement, and Joseph L. Mathias Monuments.

Donor Levels

Epic — $25,000 and above
Memoir — $10,000 to $24,999
Folio — $5,000 to $9,999
Manuscript — $2,500 to $4,999
Anthology — $1,000 to $2,499
Novella — $500 to $999
Short Story — $100 to $499
Haiku — up to $99

Epic — $25,000 and over

  • Bonnie and Dick Clendaniel
  • Sarah S. Booth and Kathryn E. Booth Corbin — In Memory: David Speicher Booth and Michael Lippincott Booth

Memoir — up to $24,999

  • BB&T
  • Davis Library, Inc.
  • Lynn Wheeler and Gerald Klauber
  • R. D. Bowman and Sons, Inc. — In Honor: Ralph, Edward and Robert Bowman

Folio — up to $9,999

  • Marty and Kelly Hill
  • B. Jackson Finch — In Honor: Martha M. Makosky
  • Students of the Ballet Slipper — In Honor: Medora Lynn; In Memory: Robert Lynn

Manuscript — up to $4,999

  • Carroll and Sue Yingling
  • John B., Sharon Hafner, and Ben Yingling — In Memory: Byrd Yingling
  • The GFWC Woman's Club of Westminster
  • Mary Lou Dewey Fund
  • Tevis Energy/Modern Comfort
  • Vince and Kathleen Campanella

Anthology — up to $2,499

  • Adreon W. Hubbard
  • Audrey Gosnell, In Honor — Farm Families of Carroll County
  • Barbara A. and Richard D. Lease
  • Bob and Christina Kuntz
  • Bob and Linda Frazee
  • Carroll County Arts Council
  • Dale and Jeanne Bowman
  • David R. Peloquin
  • Deborah A. and Thomas J. Rio
  • Don Vetter — In Memory: Ray Levin
  • Harvey B. and Ruth E. Bair — In Memory: Mary Lou Dewey
  • In Memory of Dr. Paul L. Keener
  • Integrated Technology Group
  • James R. and Elizabeth R. Myers, Jr. — In Honor: Jamie, Jackie, and Julie Myers
  • Janet and David Flora
  • Jenny Teeter and Frank Baylor
  • Joan Develin Coley and M. Lee Rice
  • Kevin E. Dayhoff and Caroline Babylon
  • Law Offices of Hill & Barnes, LLC
  • Lehigh Cement
  • Liberty Systems, Inc.
  • M. Susan Bollinger, MD
  • Mark and Hilary Hatfield
  • Mary Lee Yingling
  • Paul Chalson — In Memory: Elizabeth Giles (Betty) Chalson, Teacher, 1st grade, 28 years, Sandymount Elementary
  • Priscilla G. Teeter
  • R. Gary Roop — In Honor of his seven generations of Ancestral Farmers in Carroll County
  • Richard J. and Karen F. Soisson
  • Robert and Lisa Wack
  • Robert T. and Carolyn L. Scott
  • Ruth C. Gray and Lloyd R. Helt
  • Scott and Marcia Reinhart — In Memory: Robert C. Szymanski
  • Stephanie and Sara Szymanski — In Memory: Robert C. Szymanski
  • Students of East Middle School
  • Susan Del Carmen Ridder – In Honor: Brenda Proper
  • Suzanne Albert — In Memory: Rebecca Ann Albert
  • Thomas, Bennett & Hunter, Inc.
  • Thomas W. and Donna M. Berneski - In Memory: Helen B. Hill
  • Thomas W. and Donna M. Berneski
  • Westminster Facelift Fund

Novella — up to $999

  • Barbara A. and Richard D. Lease - In Honor: Westminster Library Staff
  • Barbara L. Olsh
  • Ed and Marsha Leiter
  • Elizabeth B. Dewey — In honor: Mary Lou Dewey
  • Fred Dickinson
  • Jane S. Sewell
  • Janet and Alex Ober
  • Mark and Mary Helen Dennis
  • Richard I. and Loretta F. Hill
  • Ruth and George Perkins
  • R. Wayne Barnes
  • Texas Roadhouse of Carroll County
  • The Williamson Family
  • Westminster Library Staff — In Memory: Dorothy Dixon Dickinson

Short Story — up to $499

  • Audrey and Joseph Cimino
  • Alice K. Kushner — In Memory: Frank Kushner
  • Amy L. M. Meyers — In Memory: Robert C. Szymanski
  • Andrew Richardson
  • Barbara A. Smith
  • Beverly and Richard Fash — In Honor: Anna and Danny Fash
  • Brian and Lynda Lockard — In Honor: children and grandchildren
  • Carl and Dolly Darigo — In Honor: Paul and Dorothy Martin
  • Carol and Ronald Kershner
  • Carroll County Farm Bureau
  • Carroll County Genealogical Society
  • Carroll Lutheran Village
  • Carroll County Public Library Staff
  • Carroll County Retired School Personnel
  • Carroll Lutheran Village Book Club
  • Cynthia Piazza
  • Cathy and Ray Arnold
  • David and Dee Roush
  • David and A. Elizabeth Brauning
  • Dayle F. and John Martin Jones, Jr. — In Memory: Mary Lou Dewey
  • Damian L. and Leigh Swann Halstad
  • Dean Robert Camlin
  • Dolores Maminski and Eugene Edgett
  • Dr. Faye Pappalardo — In Honor: Helen Pappalardo
  • Eleanor Starr Darcy
  • Elizabeth F. Bibee
  • Forrest and Ada Woods
  • Frank J. and Dolores Batavick
  • Gary L. and Marion J. Kerns — In Memory: Dorothy Dixon Dickinson
  • Gary S. Honeman — In Honor: Mary Honeman
  • James M. Kelly
  • Jan and Dave Flora
  • Jane S. Sewell - In Memory: Robert E. Sewell
  • Jeff and Linda Ibex
  • Jim and Michelle Boesler
  • Jill C. and David E. Kartalia
  • Joan McKee
  • Joyce E. and Harvey Muller — In Honor: 30 year anniversary at McDaniel College.
  • Kathleen A. and Richard J. Keen
  • Keir R.D. and Lyn A. Knight
  • Ken and Barbara Beverungen — In Memory: Mary Lou Dewey
  • Lawn Doctor, F. S. Richardson, Inc., – In Honor: Dottie Freeman
  • Lauren Keppel – In Honor: CCPL Outreach Department
  • Lisa Picker — In Honor: Dottie Freeman
  • Lois Leasure — In Honor: William Hiatt; In Memory — Mary Lou Dewey
  • Library Link Service to Seniors Office Volunteers
  • Lynne and Michael Becker
  • Lynette and Ronald Brewer
  • Maggie's Restaurant
  • Main Street Advisors, LLC
  • Marge Wolf
  • Mary Ann Ashcraft — In Honor: Martha M. Makosky
  • Nancy and Joe Lynch
  • Marjorie and Jeffrey Kimble
  • Melinda and John Byrd
  • Montagu Hankin, Jr. — In Memory of Marcia G. Hankin
  • Park and Marjorie Espenschade — In Memory: Godfrey Biehl, Fellow Artist and Grandfather
  • Patricia Keener
  • Philip and Danielle Becker
  • Rev. and Mrs. Gerald D. Fuss
  • Richard and Eileen Soper
  • Risk Management Consultants, LLC
  • Rosemary M. and James M. Roenick — In Memory: Wanda Torrieri Cook and John Torrieri
  • Roxanne Fleming
  • Ruth J. Wheeler — In honor: Lynn Wheeler
  • Stephanie and Robert C. Szymanski — In Honor: Westminster Library Staff
  • Sue and Wayne Cavey — In Honor: Westminster Library Staff
  • Thomas and Donna Berneski – In Memory of Gloria R. Soto
  • Todd Herring
  • William and Janet Brown — In Memory: Josh Wheeler
  • William G. Wilson — In Memory: Mary Lou Dewey
  • William R. Perry

Haiku — $25 to $99

  • Alan Bogage
  • Andrew Stewart
  • Anne-Therese Hov
  • Arlene F. Klair
  • Barbara Gilliss
  • Barbara L. Olsh — In Memory: Mary Louise Lindsay Olsh
  • Betty "Nell" Young
  • Bryan Hissong
  • Carey Gaddis and Arthur Lapenotiere - In Memory: Willie C. Gaddis
  • Carolyn Ratliff
  • Carole Roberts
  • Charles A. Berry
  • Cheryl Davis - In Honor: Dottie Freeman
  • Chris Swam
  • Cindy Parr
  • Dale and Linda Brown
  • Daniel Shipley
  • Dean and Pat Minnich
  • Edie Haschert
  • Edward Miller
  • Erin Ostendorf-Snell — In Honor: CCPL Outreach Services
  • Elizabeth A Sensabaugh
  • Greg Ealick
  • Harry and Peg Mandel
  • Helen Totura - In Memory: George and Lela Tracy
  • Jane Eickhoff
  • Jay and Ariel Harper Nave
  • Jeff and Lisa Degitz
  • Jeffrey and Ellen Morse
  • Joe Salem
  • John B., Sharon Hafner, and Ben Yingling - In Memory: Sarah Weant
  • John and Marian Witiak
  • John Witiak
  • Kathryn L. Green
  • Kenneth Holniker
  • Lane B. and Helen Dorsey Lee — In Honor: Honey Dorsey
  • Lee James
  • Lisa M. Hughes
  • Lucille C. Kerns - In Memory: Mary Lou Dewey
  • Lynne Dalrymple
  • Nadine and Henry Rosendale, Jr. — In Memory: Robert C. Szymanski
  • Nettie B. Taylor
  • Marilynn M. Thorpe
  • Marjorie R. Kimble — In Memory: Mary Lou Dewey
  • Margaret Krey
  • Marion Witiak
  • Michael F. Eckard - In Memory: Mary M. Eckard
  • Owen Warfield
  • Pam Zappardino and Charles Collyer
  • Pat and Doug Miller - In honor: Dottie Freeman
  • Patty Sundberg
  • Paul F. Vietz, MD
  • Peggy Pond
  • Quantum Internet Services, Inc.
  • Rebecca and Joseph Maurio
  • Ray T. Brown — In Memory: Emma Myers Brown
  • Richard Haddad
  • Richard V. Boswell
  • Robert J. and Ruthanne M. Lillis — In Memory: Mary Lou Dewey
  • Ruth Shipley — In Honor: Eleanor Fique
  • Sarah Melissa Witiak
  • Shirley B. Brown — In Memory: Emma Myers Brown
  • Steve Horn
  • Stephen A. and Donna R. Eckard
  • Susan Thornton
  • Susan Williamson
  • Ted and Joann Zaleski
  • Ted John Witiak
  • The Woman's Club of Westminster, Inc.
  • Thomas Zane
  • Todd Combs
  • Tony and Donna Eckard - In Memory: William M. Eckard, Jr.
  • Troy and Dawn Conran
  • Valery Brown Dennis — In Memory: Upton and Alice Myers
  • Wayne and Sue Cavey
  • William G. Jones, CPA
  • Worth F. Kerr, Jr

The Board of Trustees of The Carroll County Public Library

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