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Infinite Possibilities

Beyond High School

College Affordability Guide: brings together disparate data to produce a holistic and focused view of which colleges are likely to be the best value for the money

ACT: this is the organization that administers the ACT test. The site includes information about the test and some college planning information

College Navigator: helps students search for colleges that fit their needs

Federal Student Aid: answers questions about student aid and FAFSA; helps individuals plan how they will pay for college

College Board: information about the SAT, PSAT and AP tests, as well as some college planning information

GED Testing in Maryland: information about Maryland GED

Exploring Careers: helps students find careers based on their interests; includes information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on salaries, job outlook and educational requirements

Job Corps: helps low-income students learn a career, earn a high school diploma or GED and find and keep a good job

CareerOneStop: resources on career exploration, training, and jobs

US Military
Today's Military: this Department of Defense sponsored site includes information about the ASVAB and all branches of the military

US Army: information for careers in the US Army

US Navy: information for careers in the US Navy

US Marine Corp: information for careers in the US Marine Corp

US Air Force: information for careers in the US Air Force

US Coast Guard: information for careers in the US Coast Guard