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Our Gift to You – Automatic Renewals!

We know you have a lot on your mind, so starting December 1, we will automatically renew your eligible checked out materials.

All customers are automatically enrolled; there is no need to sign up for this new service.

How do Automatic Renewals work?

  • Any items on your account that are eligible for renewal will now auto-renew the day before their due date.
  • Auto-renewal sets the new due date from the original due date. For example, items due December 9 will be renewed on December 8, and the new due date will be December 30 (for books and other 21-day materials) or December 16 (for 7-day materials).
  • Courtesy notices will reflect which items in your account did or didn't auto-renew, and the corresponding due dates.
  • You can still renew eligible items at any time through your account.

Items may not Auto-Renew if:

  • The item does not allow renewals
  • The item is part of the digital collection (ebooks, digital audio, streaming movies and music)
  • The item has a hold (another customer is waiting for it)
  • The item is from MARINA or Interlibrary Loan
  • The item has reached its renewal limit (5 renewals)
  • Your card is expired
  • You have fees of $25 or more on your account
  • You have 20 or more items overdue
  • You have an outstanding balance on your account that has been sent to debt collection
  • You need to verify your customer information or your information has not yet been verified
  • You have at least 1 lost item
  • You have 10 current or total claim items

If items on your account cannot be renewed, you will receive a courtesy notice with due dates one day before those items are due.